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Welcome to our video page. We'll keep posting new videos here regularly, so you really should make it your homepage. Really. 

CLIP "THE TERRIBLE THINGS" (from "The Terrible Things" EP 2010)

Made out of an educational clip for american kids. This told them how nuclear energy totally was under control. And already everywhere, why worry ?

CLIP "KING OF THIS TOWN" (from "The Terrible Things" EP 2010)

We would like to thank french actor Guy Marchand for his amazing contribution to our project. 

A TAKE AWAY SHOW - shot by Nat Le Scouarnec in Lille (la Blogothèque / watch your steps)

In the streets of our beautiful city, it was winter, we all had the flu, but thanks to filters we look healthy ! We recommend this to all drug users wanting to send video news to their families. Filters, the key to a healty life. 

WHAT IS LOVE - Haddaway cover live on Le Mouv'.

Many of you do wonder what it is. The answer is in the video.

CLIP "HOLY WAR" from The Terrible Things EP (Fnac Indétendances 2010)

Hours and hours of reheasal but we got the moves right. It took us a time machine to do this

CLIP "STEREO SKIN" from The Terrible Things EP (Fnac Indétendances 2010)

This is a blockbuster type production. We have money and we prove it on video.

CLIP "THE AFTER" from The Terrible Things EP (Fnac Indétendances 2010)

or how to use a very pacifist version of self defense (this technique can be used as self offense too)

CLIP "GOOD ENOUGH" from RIP EP (B3D / Tac Tac T'as Vu 2007)

Our first video. Includes Tectonic dancing and cigarette puppets made of real cigarettes.

CLIP "I'M GOING TO MAKE IT TODAY" from The Terrible Things EP (Fnac Indétendances 2010)

We all learn procrastination at school, didn't we ?

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